Here at Roam three sixty°, we believe that giving back is a crucial part for any business to play. After all, if the last year has taught us anything, it’s that we’ve got to look after, support and inspire each other!

We thought you might like to learn about some of our initiatives, designed to help both the environment and the people living in it!

Carbon Footprint

At the centre of our ethos is the hope to reduce our personal carbon footprint, and those of the businesses with which we deal. We appreciate that fossil fuels in cars and public transport are damaging the environment, so our online tours seek to reduce that.

During the first lockdown in 2020, air pollution declined hugely in the UK, due to the large number of people working from home and not travelling. As such, air quality improved, wildlife returned to many areas and nature flourished.

This is an idea that Roam three sixty° is built around – if we can offer a solution that means customers don’t need to travel to view venues or purchases, then we are reducing their carbon footprint. We’ll also reduce that of the business itself, as staff also won’t need to travel for the viewing. Combined, our work will help to eliminate the travel emissions of businesses and customers alike, and ultimately help the quality of air and the environment in general.


Roam three sixty° is dedicated to reducing its own environmental impact. We operate mostly online, and as such use limited hard resources, but any paper used in notifications is recycled without fail.

Our specialist photographic and videographic equipment lasts for many years, but any camera parts will also be recycled by a specialist company, once the camera needs replacing.

Staff – Wellbeing and Ecology

Our staff are important to us; we believe that a positive environment allows for happier and more productive employees.

As such, as of 2021, we have offered all our staff the opportunity to work from home, should they wish, reducing their own personal carbon footprint, reducing ours (as they do not need to travel into work) and creating a better work/life balance.

We value our staff and our customers, and always provide an ear for any suggestions to how we run the company.

Charitable Giving

For every tour booked, Roam three sixty° makes a charitable donation to a fantastic cause. We support numerous local charities, and are always looking for more worthwhile companies to support in their amazing work; so if you’ve got a favourite, don’t hesitate to get in touch today and let us know. We’d love to hear from you!

At Roam three sixty°, we believe that we can all make a difference, by reducing our individual impact. With the rise of the digital, it’s becoming easier and easier to make eco-friendly decisions. Investing in a virtual tour might just be the best thing you ever did for your company’s green initiative! Give us a call today on 01625 315 044 to see how we can help you, or request a no-obligation quote.

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