When you think of a virtual tour you might immediately think of estate agents, holiday lets or showrooms. Whereas these are undoubtedly some of our most popular clients, virtual 360 tours can be implemented for whole host of surprising and delightful uses, to help us to get through this difficult time!

Give the public a virtual tour of a museum / gallery

We’ve all been missing going out and about and visiting fun and interesting places over the last year or so. Although restrictions are easing, some leisure facilities are limited, and some people are still understandably nervous about public places.

Why not use a virtual tour to provide a clickable, detailed, 3D experience? Perfect for museums and galleries, create a 3D exhibition where the public can view paintings, exhibitions and sculptures. Help spread some culture and open your exhibitions up to a whole new potential audience. Not only will this be hugely appreciated in the current climate, it means you’re more likely to have new customers for when you can open your art gallery or museum.

Take us on a (virtual) holiday

Many of us are hankering for a holiday – so why not fill this void? 3D virtual tours of beautiful places, landmarks or sites of historical interest would be incredibly popular right now.

With travel abroad all but gone for now, and just a handful of countries on the ‘green list’, virtual holidays are the best we can hope for! Why not offer some escapism and create a 3D tour of your hotel, holiday destination or place of interest? Alleviate boredom, create goodwill and (most importantly) secure future bookings to holiday destinations.

Behind the scenes tours

Consider a virtual tour ‘behind the scenes’. Whether that’s showing the inner workings of a theatre, football stadium or restaurant, now’s the perfect time to create a virtual tour and glean the interest of the public. We have all experienced serious boredom during the lockdowns- so give us something to pique our interest!

If your venue is not yet open this is the perfect time for you as, you won’t have to navigate staff and visitors. Why not create a ‘behind the scenes’ of your particular venue, get some customer interest and, of course, intrigue people… leading to future bookings!

If you have a project in mind and think it’s a little ‘out of the box’ we’d love to hear from you! Simply get in touch with our friendly team today.

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