Nowadays, with photos and videos galore, the medium of online marketing is alive and buzzing! So, with all this technology, why bother with a virtual scan? We’re so glad you asked… Here’s five top reasons to invest in a virtual tour today!

1. Virtual tours offer customer convenience

Customer convenience is absolutely crucial! The easier a customer finds it to buy a product or service, the more likely they are to make the purchase. In terms of Return On Investment, creating a virtual tour, providing customers with the information they need, will offer you excellent ROI. If you provide an accurate, virtual tour, viewable from the comfort of their own homes, customers will likely choose your venue or product over one that they would have to visit – convenience is king!

Similarly, if your tour includes tags to products or services, this is once again reducing effort on the customer’s part, making it all the more appealing. Everyone likes life to be easy!

2. A 360 tour is more accurate

When looking at photographs and videos online, we’ve all fallen victim to inaccuracies. Holiday lets and properties are particularly dangerous – we all know how misleading a certain angle can be!

With a virtual 360 degree tour, there is nowhere to hide! The potential customer will be provided with an accurate, to scale, online clickthrough tour. No more sneaky angled pictures making a bedroom look twice its actual size and avoiding that crack in the corner behind the camera!

Accuracy is key to set expectations. Not only does this make customers more likely to trust your brand and book, it also means you’ll have happy repeat clients, who weren’t disappointed once they get to their destination! Excellent reviews for you, and a good experience for them! A win-win.

3. Online tours cut down on your carbon footprint

If you’re an eco-conscious business owner, virtual tours can hugely cut down your carbon footprint. Not only will they eliminate the need for potential customers to travel to your store or property, they also cut down on staff and contractor mileage.

With a virtual tour, Roam three sixty° can also provide accurate schematics, meaning there’s no need to send in various workmen to measure the property or product, take pictures etc etc. It can all be done in one sitting!


The Flowerpot, Macclesfield

4. Virtual tours are safer in the current Covid climate

Right now, many of us aren’t keen to go anywhere that might be higher risk. Having a virtual tour with clickable tags taking customers to points of purchase eliminates the need to go into higher risk environments, keeping you, your staff and your customers safer.

This is especially pertinent for higher risk individuals – for example, older residents searching for a suitable care home or facility.

5. Online 360 degree tours offer better leads for less effort

And finally- having an accurate online tour of your venue, showroom or product will provide you with some seriously warm leads! Any customer who views the tour will have an accurate idea of the product or service you are offering, meaning anyone who comes to view in person or gets in touch will be a viable customer. This will remove the huge amount of time and effort it takes to show customers round in person, without an online tour, when the venue or product is not suitable for them. Wasted time eliminated!

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