Inglewood Manor


Inglewood Manor: Virtual Tour

We were privileged to visit the beautiful Inglewood Manor in Ledsham last month, so we thought we’d use this gorgeous venue to take you through a typical virtual walkthrough creation.

Inglewood Manor reached out to us asked for a quote for a virtual 3D tour. As a wedding venue, they were finding it difficult in the current climate to organise viewings, so the idea of a virtual viewing was very appealing.

We were delighted to help! We sent an email requesting some details about the venue: size, number of rooms etc, in order to accurately price the 3D walkthrough tour. We agreed a rate and booked the job in.

Creating the Virtual Tour

On the day, Inglewood Manor prepared the space, presenting it as they would for a traditional viewing. Once it was decorated, the lights turned on and the candles lit, we arrived to create the virtual scan.
The Roam Three Sixty team set up our high spec 3D Matterport camera and went round the venue, creating an individual scan every 1.5 metres. Each scan takes around 30 seconds, so to cover this magnificent, spacious manor took around 180 scans, or 3 hours!

We then went outside, took some 360 photos, created some 3D mapping outside and snapped a few 2D conventional photographs for their promotional material.

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Once we’d scanned everything – it’s back to the office to edit! The Roam 360 team uploaded every scanned image to a specialist software, which stitches the scans together. This process takes a few hours and then – voila! A 3D virtual scan!

Adding Additional Tags

Our tech specialist then went into the virtual venue tour to add tags. Tags are presented as coloured dots and can redirect the customer to any URL. For example, Inglewood Manor had tags directing viewers to their website, Facebook, Instagram, booking page and various other online resources. We also include tags for our product and service, in case someone watching wants a tour of their own!

Further tags are then added to navigate within the tour. For example, a coloured dot will offer the option ‘Navigate to reception room 1’, meaning you can zoom to the specific room of interest, without having to click through the entire virtual viewing experience.

After we completed editing the virtual tour, we created a Google Drive folder, complete with the 3D tour, photos of the team using the equipment, still images of each of the venue rooms and a 15 second video – and we then add the scan to Google Maps. This folder was sent to Inglewood Manor and they can use it as they please!

After 7 days, we sent a report to the venue, letting them know how many people had visited the virtual tour and how many times it had been viewed. We repeat this report process every 30 days, so Inglewood Manor has an accurate idea of how much engagement the 3D walkthrough is receiving.

And that’s our process! If you’d like to hear more about it, please do get in touch today or request a quick quote.

Need a Quick Quote?
We only need a few details…