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The Flowerpot, Macclesfield

Virtual Tours for Pubs, Bars, Wedding Venues & more

Ideal for looking round a venue, without actually having to leave the house! Creating virtual clickthrough tours of your venue can open you up to a whole new demographic of potential customers. Consider a virtual viewing experience of your pub, restaurant or venue to facilitate future hiring for weddings, birthdays and corporate events. You can even create multiple tours of your venue, each with different layout and decoration, for a specific event.

Clickable tags inserted into the tour can direct potential customers to any web page you like, including reservations, bookings and social media profiles.

Using a 3D tour provides much better leads for your venue, as the customers will know exactly what to expect from viewing online. By the time they view in person, they won’t have any surprises as if often the case when the only resources online are photographs. Using this technology will provide a much better interest to booking ratio for your venue.



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