Roam three sixty°: an eco-conscious, local business providing top quality 360°, virtual viewing experiences across the North West & Midlands

Roam three sixty° – virtual viewing experiences

Roam three sixty° was created to fill a void. Throughout the pandemic, we saw more and more people working from home and more and more businesses trying to establish an online presence, to facilitate custom within a virtual sphere.

Here at Roam three sixty°, creator and innovator Ryan realised that we, as a society, were changing. During the challenging Covid months, we have all adapted to limiting our in-person contact, both personally and professionally. Most of us don’t see this as a temporary state; we are adapting to a ‘new normal’.

Ryan realised there was a demand to supply: with non-essential shops and hospitality often closing, how would customers choose their large scale purchases like cars or furniture without seeing them? How would they know which venues to hire in the future for weddings, parties or corporate events if they couldn’t go and look at them? How would they decide on a property without viewing it?

Buying a large scale purchase without viewing it in person is a risk – photos can be deceiving and often don’t offer any sense of accurate scale… and so the innovative Roam three sixty was born. Using high spec cameras, Roam three sixty can create clickable, HD, walkthrough virtual tours of any property, showroom or venue, meaning customers can view their prospective product, in 3D and in proportion, without needing to go in store! A virtual viewing experience like no other!

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360 degree virtual tour demo To see an example of one of our 3D virtual tours please click here.

our ethos

Here at Roam three sixty°, we believe the world is changing. We understand that more and more people aren’t willing to put themselves, or their customers, at risk by having in-person viewing as a necessity. We want to make it as simple and safe as possible for prospective customers to view your product – accurately.

With our handy tags, customers can view your product from the safety of their own home, click the tag, and be redirected to the point of purchase, allowing you maximum sales, and them: maximum comfort.

If the past year has shown us anything, it’s that we are evolving out of the necessity for traditional viewings and purchasing methods. Digital presence is key to a successful business – let us help you create virtual online tours for a successful online marketplace.

Roam three sixty° – going green and giving back

At Roam three sixty°, we take our environmental footprint seriously. By enabling businesses to provide viewings and achieve sales through this purely online medium, we are hugely reducing the carbon footprint of individuals who would normally travel to see the product in person. This also enables staff to reduce their carbon footprint, as they won’t need to travel to the venue or store for these viewings.

But that’s not all! We support a number of charities, and for each tour uploaded online, one of our dedicated charities will receive a donation. We are keen to support many environmental, medical and educational charities in the local Cheshire area and beyond

Roam three sixty° – a sustainable small business

We are a small team, dedicated to providing your business with top quality, state of the art online tours. Quality is everything to us, and we promise a smooth and friendly process from start to finish!

We are based in Cheshire, but cover Manchester, Stockport and other areas of the North and Midlands.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch, or for a quote head over to our quick quote form.

Need a Quick Quote?
We only need a few details…

360 degree virtual tour demo To see an example of one of our 3D virtual tours please click here.